I’m inundated with requests to share events.  I get emails and messages on Facebook and Instagram daily.   I feel so bad when I finally open the email, only to find out the event has passed.  In my “trying to do things new in 2020” I’ve decided to keep a running post, where I can drop things in and update it.   I am also going to keep a running list or thread on my Facebook page, where YOU can just drop your link, your Eventbrite, tag your event, include a flyer, etc.   This also allows the Facebook page to be more interactive and each of you can share your things on it.  I’m starting with these ones for March and will try to do this for each month.    The “real” mommy blogs and sites have calendars…. trying to offer a way to allow everyone to share without having to count on me to get it up.  I know I’ve missed many.  Let’s hope that I miss less with this new way of doing “events” and that we can all support one another.

Friday, March 6th– Shop with ME at Athleta Scarsdale.

Sunday, March 8th-– 914 Pop Ups Event at The Coliseum

Sunday, March 15th--Expecting and New Moms please join us for a morning of a guided mediation with our experinced meditation coach and the co-author of The Birth That’s Right For You, Jackie Fredrick-Berner. She will guide and provide helpful tips on mindful meditation during and after pregnancy. Earn a chance to win a complimentary photo session with Oleksandra of Stelmah Photo with your ticket purchase. And sip on some delicious tea and enjoy small bites while connecting with your new friends. You deserve a relaxing morning to yourself to connect and recharge.


All Month Long

JLCW Teen Boutique:  Donations Needed– By March 27th!



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