How do I explain where I’ve been, what I’ve been doing or why I have not been posting. I really have no explanation other than things were really busy and I did not feel very inspired. I did write a top ten for summer but as time went on, anything worth sharing was an easy repost/share or a quick Instagram post.  When my kids went back to school, I decided that I’d move to seasonal Top 10 lists, rather than monthly…and the e-blast, maybe I will send that out seasonally too.  Who needs e-mail piling up in their inbox?

Here’s my top 10 for fall, in no particular order.  Just a mish-mosh of things worth sharing.

  1. Sene Jeans. If you’re a Peloton fan (or specifically an Emma Lovewell fan) you will love this collab. Even if you’re not, these soft, ripped 90’s style jeans are worth looking into.  The jeans are custom made, based on how you respond to an online survey.
  2. Martha Stewart’s Puffy Jacket/Vest or Sweater, as she calls it.  It’s kind of three things in one. I don’t know how I missed this in 2019. Actually, I do.  I don’t watch QVC, where she introduced it.  I later found the YouTube videos about it.  This jacket found me. In late 2019, I bought a beautiful Herno jacket. The lovely algorithm that social media platforms use quickly spammed me with Cotes of London which was a more affordable version of the coat. Later, I noticed J. McLaughlin’s version of this jacket, the Sarabeth jacket. I didn’t need another, even though the colors were beautiful. I really wanted the red!  Apparently, Martha had all of the above brands in mind when she created her own puffer/puffy jacket at a fraction of the cost.  Literally hundreds of dollars less than the designer ones. That woman is brilliant.  It’s a perfect gift item. I don’t know anyone who has one!  If you have a friend or relative who likes to ski, it’s perfect for over a turtleneck; someone who travels and wants to have a jacket for a flight, that will fold into a bag when they reach their destination. The colors are beautiful too.  Check them out on Amazon, or even on Zulily!  On Martha’s site.
  3. I started seeing Dr. Randi Tomasulo to deal with my wacky hormones/endocrine possible onset of early menopause.  Here’s a great article about who she is and what she does. So worth the trip to Westport especially when follow-ups can be held on Zoom!!
  4. Book Suggestion.  The Parent Compass. 
  5. White Plains Holiday Market will return this season.  Dec 5-19, in a new location 
  6. Taylored Menus in Pleasantville.  So much more than a caterer.  Their weekly and holiday menus are incredible.  I’ve been making stops in every so often during my many trips to Pleasantville to bring my daughter to dance classes. Since she spends so much time there, I have decided to do my banking and visit some local spots.  I love Rhoda (formerly Rhododendron) and Jean Jacques.  I also love the Village Bookstore.  I’ve added Taylored Menus into the rotation to have quick, easy, healthy dinners ready to go.
  7. Glass Onion Originals is another Pleasantville gem.  I always find perfect gift items for people in this adorable shop.  Hostess gifts, jewelry and more.  I have to mention the Westchester prints created by Rob Santora.  Such a perfect gift item.  Check these out:
  8. Affordable Interior Design really deserves a full post at this point but I will summarize here until I write it up.  I met Betsy Helmuth, the owner of AID in NYC in 2011.  I bought a Groupon to attend one of her classes.  I later hired her to help me furnish my new house.  Ten years later, here I am and here she is, located in Dobbs Ferry, among her other locations.  A member of her team helped me redo my living room. I’m getting deliveries each day and expect to have the living room redo completed by early 2022.  Will share pics of the steps on IG– or if I get some time, in a full post, soon!
  9. MINT, a new lounge coming to 19 Court Street in White Plains.  Grand Opening is THIS WEEK!
  10. GIVING BACK….I absolutely LOVE the Bad Moms of Westchester Page.  This is their 3rd year organizing a holiday gift drive for moms and families in need.  A simple donation via Venmo or purchasing an item on their Amazon Wishlist can help a fellow mom out.  If you’re on FB, follow this link: and if you’re not, I am attaching the link to make a purchase on Amazon:     That’s my 10!!!  😀
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