Westchester Woman Wednesday: Meet Ali Cocco

This could possibly be the best Westchester Woman Wednesday I have shared since my first one in 2017.  Ali Cocco is the epitome of a Westchester Woman, or what I call a “mom like us.”  Ali is a Westchester native, happily married, raising a wonderful family here in Westchester.  In fact, like me, she’s living her adult life in the town she grew up in while evolving into her true self with the help of life experience.  Her own self-discovery and change in her life plans are what set the groundwork for her new business which helps people achieve their goals and dreams of the perfect adult life, for themselves, whatever that looks like.  Finding the perfect work/life balance is a struggle for every one of us.

This work is kind of what we are all doing.  We go to college, we land our dream jobs and we start our families.  Somewhere along the line, changes take place, we reassess and we pivot. Change is constant and essential for our growth and Ali is helping people do just that. She’s a perfect example of a woman who has worked to become her best self and has the tools to help each of us through the changes we inevitably find ourselves having to make. 

Ali Cocco CPC, ELI-MP coaching x ali cocco founder + principal

“It takes a long time to sound like yourself.”

–Miles Davis

Whether you want to elevate your personal or professional life, pivot, or start something totally new, Ali Cocco will help you discover and design your perfect next move.  And, most importantly, guide you in making it happen.

She knows. She did it herself. After a lucrative 25-year career as a high–level sales and marketing executive for global entertainment brands ( MTV, Discovery Channel, Comedy Central…), she felt restless, and her priorities shifted.

“I wanted to do something that made me feel the way I wanted to feel.”

So, this Eastchester Mom did precisely that. She took all her big ideas, unique strengths, experience, and wisdom from her previous life, REIMAGINED it, and opened her change development + life design practice, coaching X ali cocco.

Ali offers bespoke workshops and private coaching to high-achieving women struggling with being seen how they truly wish to be seen.

Ali will help you find clarity in your values and goals, amplify your expertise, level up your personal brand, and dive deep into your energy presentation. If you feel lost or stuck, she will help you make moves that will put you on track for remarkable, sustainable change.

“I don’t give all the answers; I ask the right questions.”

The result?

Showing up as the woman your 20-year-old self knew you would be.

X ali

If that inspires you, click the link + download Ali’s 4 Step Guide to Kickstarting Your Next Act.



You can find her at:


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Instagram https://www.instagram.com/coachingxalicocco/

Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alicocco/

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