So many things come across my email during the course of a month.  I don’t get to post everything, whether it’s an invitation, a press release or a sponsorship/partnership email.  The things that I do post are things that I find the time for because they are unique, super timely, meaningful to me, helpful for children or something I think people really want to know about.  Sadly, lots of emails go ignored.  I want to change that in 2021.

I have decided to try to do a post every couple of months that’s similar to this one from 2019 and this one from 2020.

My Week on Social Media and Netflix

Published in 2019. Shared 10 discoveries after being at home recovering from a breast reduction + lift.


Eating + Shopping My Way Through Quarantine

Published in June 2020. A list of 10 good finds during the lockdown.

Here’s my running list of things that are absolutely worth sharing but I can’t dedicate a full article to it. Like the articles posted above, I will stick with 10 good things, that need very little explanation. Once I get too wordy it defeats the purpose of making a quick list.

  1.  Greta’s Book Club. This IG account is a great account to follow if you’re looking for honest book reviews. Each post has a fantastic photo, a synopsis of the book followed by her review.   (@GretasBookClub)
  2. FEED is another account you might like to follow.   They create good products that help FEED the world.  Shop goods that do good.  Follow @feed on IG to see the items they will send you for a donation of your choice or amount.  I’m kind of in love with this “Cultivate Kindness” tote bag.
  3. Along the same lines as FEED is cuddle + kind.  It is set up to feed children in need.  The adorable dolls are just a bonus.  You can see them all on IG at @cuddleandkind and sending them as gifts is a win-win!
  4. Jane. Just a really cute site:
  5. Allure Box.  One of the best subscription boxes ever.  Trust me, I have tried them all.  This one is excellent. It’s like a scaled-down Fab Fit Fun.
  6. Happy Box Unique gifts for all occasions.  While Allure might be for yourself, this one is perfect for gifting.  @HappyBox 
  7. This song! I had to share this one. I’m a closet fan of teen music (Miley, Jonas Brothers, High School Musical) and this one was too cute not to share.  Now, I’m listening to all of their other covers.  The One Voice Children’s Choir is absolutely adorable.  They’re like an elevated Kidz Bop music group. Follow them:   The song is called “Dream”   “Most of us have recently faced hard times, but we want to continue living with optimism and hope,” shares the choir. “We dream of making the world and ourselves better one step at a time. Great things always start with a dream.”  Video:
  8. Books. Local author, Paul Collins writes children’s picture books with strong female leads and focuses mainly on family values. As a former elementary school teacher (and mother to a girl) I absolutely love this.  Check out Moonlight Puppies
  9. Staying on the topic of books, it wouldn’t be fair to only share books for girls.  I discovered this book at Picture Book in Dobbs Ferry and picked it up for my son.  It’s called The Book of Dares.  Here’s what Sara has to say about the book.

    *The Book of Dares: 100 Ways for Boys to Be Kind, Bold, and Brave* is available now on Picture Book’s Bookshop_org website and will be available at the HudCo pop up later this month. The excellent staff is on hand to help you out Monday-Friday 9-6 with the books in store, and I can always be reached on email or in my instagram DMs for any book recommendations. I’ll be back in the shop with lots of new stock after MLK Jr. Day.

  10. How am I already at #10?  This might be easier than I thought. I’ve touched on books, beauty products, gift items, music and charitable organizations that feed the hungry.  What have I forgotten?  Eat.  My best “eat” find has to be the grazing boxes, both savory and sweet that are now available at Chantilly Patisserie in Bronxville. Yum!! 


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