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I’m very focused while being very scattered. Really I am. I have a million ideas of things to write and people asking me to post or share things all the time.  Recently, I have been completely unable to even respond to so many of the things that come across my email but this new format of monthly top tens is the way to get a lot of things out in one post.  I try to stick to sharing what I know and what I’ve experienced, always being truthful. When I stop being truthful, the blog is no longer what I intended it to be.  This format allows me to share in no organized way or order. Just a list of 10 things; most are eat/shop/play related which is my focus.  Other topics will pop on here and there, but these ones are stores and restaurants with a few others thrown in.
1.  The Best Sweat Sets. It’s an awesome Instagram account dedicated to sweats!  And they really are great!  https://www.instagram.com/thebestsweatsets/ 
2.  New RestaurantFogo de Chao Brazilian restaurant is opening in early April in White Plains, where Main Street meets Church Street.  Have enjoyed the Brazilian spot in Ridge Hill but after trying the Fogo locations in Miami and San Diego, I will certainly visit the White Plains location when they open.  A salad bar with a selection of meats being served is perfect for my family, where everyone wants something different.
3.  Chic Boutique at The Westchester is in the old Banana Republic space on Retail 2.  I’m not sure we have a “proper” prom dress store in lower-mid Westchester,  I remember the Palisades Mall having a giant one years back. This store has it all.  Everything from shoes, to bags, to jewelry. They have communion dresses and confirmation dresses too.  The store is all color-coded and gowns are separated from cocktail dresses.
4.  Scentfluence in Scarsdale. It’s brand new to the Scarsdale village.  So hard to explain properly so I am going to share some info from their site.  An absolute must. Read more here: https://scentfluence.com/blogs/news-more/scented-gifts-to-enhance-your-holidays-from-scentfluence
5. If you’re fortunate enough to have travel plans coming up and you search for properties based on amenities, this site can help you find hotels with Peloton bikes!  There’s also a Facebook Group discussing the locations and giving feedback on them.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1933968463299993
6.  Covid Tests. There are a lot of free places to get tested for COVID or for testing pre/post traveling to test out of quarantine.  (That’s changing domestically on April 1, I think.)   I had a few occasions where I needed testing done and used Value Drugs for convenience.  It’s available in Bronxville and Eastchester.  Appointments can be made online.  Bronxville has a walk-up window and Eastchester is a drive-up, with no appointments needed at that location.  Sometimes you have to pay for convenience.  $99 for a rapid test and $49 additional if you want the PCR result in a couple of days.  They will send it to the lab and you will get your results via email.  Make appointments here:  https://valuedrugs.net/covid-testing
7. Rhoda in Pleasantville.  I remember going to this store years ago when it was called Rhododendron.  I don’t know when it changed but it’s now Rhoda and it’s super cute.  Great jewelry items too.  Really cute pieces and accessories.  It’s on the corner of Bedford Road and Wheeler Avenue by the Pleasantville Station.  There’s also a Playa Bowls and the new Taco Project right there!  Don’t judge the items by the website….things in the store are cuter than you’ll find on the site.   https://www.rhoda.co/ourstory
8. Grand Re-Opening of Nonna Carola Italian Ristorante, March 19.  Their new menu focuses on fresh-made ingredients and farm-to-table dining.  Nonna Carola closed temporarily back in March 2020, for the safety of its employees and guests, due to concerns of COVID-19.  The restaurant reopened in July after installing an iWave air purification system for the health and safety of its employees and customers, incorporated dividers between tables and spaced tables that adhere to social distancing guidelines. Nonna Carola also offers a touch-free menu via a mobile app download. The restaurant closed again in December due to COVID, but given the declining COVID numbers, Nonna Carola is reopening to welcome back dine-in customers.  Located in Mamaroneck.
9. Highly recommend the Museum of Ice Cream.  Super cute and covid-safe.  Took my daughter for her birthday and really enjoyed it.  Lots of fun photo-ops for the older people and was surprised at the total playground as we moved through. Tickets are sold in time blocks so there won’t be crowds.  I think there’s a 2-for-1 ticket option one day of the week– It might be Thursday afternoons.   If you’re looking for a fun restaurant nearby, check out NoMo Kitchen just a few short blocks away.
10.  NYC.  On the topic of restaurants, we all know how NYC has suffered this past year.  If you’ve driven through Manhattan you’ve seen the outdoor spaces that have popped up on sidewalks, or streets.  Restaurant Row is depressing, with so few even open right now.  I hope that the summer brings back some good energy to the city dining scene and with nicer weather people can dine outdoors safely and comfortably.  I’ve dined in a few times and felt safe.  Below I will list some IG accounts of places that have done a good job navigating this crisis. More for the decor and the experience than the food, to be honest.  Although the food is good too.  If I had time I would make this an entire post.  🙂
11. Because I can never keep the list to 10, I have two more quick ones to share.   Riverdale Farmers Market.  https://www.instagram.com/riverdalefarmersmarket/ 
12. With spring and summer around the corner, I am planning a few outdoor events at my house. I’m using Cornells True Value for my tent rentals.  All said and done, a 20×20 tent will cost less than $500.  So many of the big companies have rented to restaurants and camps and are in short supply.  They have a lot more than tents too.  Bouncy castles, play structures, etc.   https://cornellsrental.com/
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